Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's officially out of control

Check this out:

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It's my Site Meter home page, as of 9:40 this morning. I used to rejoice when I reached 50 visits for the day. Now I've got 52 before most people on the West Coast get to work, and get well over one hundred each day. You may be wondering what brought about this dramatic increase in viewership. There are a couple factors that have contributed to this development. 1) Google Images has found my site; 2) Mercury has relaunched its ad campaign starring Jill Wagner; and 3) Lots of people really like Jill Wagner.

I'm not as happy about the increased visitors as you might think, because it's not my content that's bringing them, and it doesn't appear that my content is keeping them. If people were staying and commenting I'd be ecstatic. Searching for hot women online isn't bad in itself. That's how I found out about blogs. I was trying to find pictures of a large-breasted Fear Factor contestant and found Bumptious. I read some, liked it, and forgot all about the game show tart. Soon I discovered other blogs and started my own. So I have no problem with people finding me through Jill, but the fact that they're not staying is what hurts. I'd rather have 20 visits a day from repeat readers who comment than 300 one-time visits from horny teenagers. At least visit my Real Beautiful Women page. Jill was the inspiration for that. Instead of glorifying a dolled-up, too-thin model/actress, I thought, why not celebrate real-looking women whose only fame is having publicly-accessible pictures and personality profiles? Happily, searching for beautiful, cute, or pretty women in Google Images also finds the Real Beautiful Women posts. I was excited when that started happening.

What's the point of this long complaint? If you came here looking for Jill Wagner, poke around, read a little, and stay a while. You just may enjoy yourself. There's no shame in ending up on a blog from a "booty search". We've all been there. And if you read and hate my site, feel free to let me know that, too. Just please don't nominate me for a feature on Shitty Blogs. Thanks.

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