Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time to get serious!

I mean, really, people! Tomorrow's the big day! They're going to announce the next James Bond!!! (I don't have the energy to link to anything, sorry).

The leading candidate is Daniel Craig, most recently of "Layer Cake" fame, but other supporting roles in big movies like "Road to Perdition" and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider". Other names bandied about are Clive Owen (good choice), Ioan Gruffudd (of "Fantastic 4"), Colin Firth (can you say "stretch"?), Hugh Grant (puh-lease!), Gerard Butler (?), Ewan McGregor (nah!), Colin Farrell (on stilts, maybe), Hugh Jackman (please, no!), Heath Ledger (too young), and Eric Bana (Aussie who played The Hulk).

I say no to Hugh Jackman because, frankly, he is my male crush. Yes, I have been inspired by Ken of Ken and Ariel (see link on right) to reveal that, though I'm not gay, Hugh has what it takes to pull me over to the other side. Him playing Bond would be a bad move. Sure he's diverse (romantic comedy, Broadway, Wolverine in X-Men), but I think the Bond role would ruin the image he's been cultivating: debonair but nice, personable and approachable, handsome but also a legitimate talent. Plus he's got a great singing voice. Just not totally compatible.

Out of the above list I think Owen is perfect (almost too perfect), but that it should probably go to someone less well known like Craig or Gruffudd (Bana looks too young and Butler's too unknown, to me anyway). And whatever happened to Dougray Scott, the guy who was supposed to play Wolverine (after Russell Crowe couldn't) but dropped out to play the villain in "Mission: Impossible 2"? He kind of dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe he could do it.

So let's hear it. Who's got your vote? Choose from the above list, or write in your favorite.

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