Monday, October 10, 2005

Short and Sweet

Pretty bad sports weekend. Son's soccer team - lost big. Red Sox - eliminated from playoffs. Bruins - lost badly on Friday but managed an OT win on Saturday. Ohio State - embarrassed by Penn State (ugh!). Alma Mater football team - lost for first time this season (blown out actually) and lost #1 poll ranking in process. Patriots - won, but gave up a 15 point lead in the 4th quarter. Call me Mr. Glass Mostly Empty.

Good things - Cleaned house and yard this weekend. Saw Serenity and loved it. (Never saw the show, but the movie is a whole lotta fun. Go see it.)

Not so good things - skipped running last Thurs and Sat. Ran this morning, but weight still too high and belly too damn big. Can't get satellite-DVR system that works the way we want it to.

Just kind of blah. Nothing to complain about, really, but nothing making me really excited. Certainly not work.

iPod: "Four Walled World" by Soundgarden, "Seventeen" by Jimmy Eat World, "Spoddies and Birits" by Thanks to Gravity, and "How Long" by Weezer.