Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm back

I was away for a couple days, friends, up in good ol' Calgary.

Have you ever been in a hotel room and the person in the next room has a cough? And you hear them through the thin walls up late watching TV and coughing away? Then in the morning you hear them get in the shower early in the morning and you start to cough, hack and gag up all of their diseased phlegm? Don't you hate when that happens? Well, I was that coughing, hacking guy up in Calgary, and I apologize to my neighbors. When I'm sick like this running and showers bring out all the bright yellow-green mucus from deep within my head and chest and I HAVE to get it out. Yes, it's disgusting, but I thought I would confess here.

Regarding the Red Sox, I've decided that I want them to be swept and just exit the playoffs. Sure it would be great for them to win another World Series, but I think it's a better idea for them to lose shamefully in the ALDS so that Theo Epstein and crew realize that no matter how good a hitting team you field, if your pitching sucks ass, then you ain't gonna win jack. You don't deserve to win. So during the off season, try thinking a little harder. Get some good pitching, and don't throw away what you already have (Pedro). Don't chase the hot free agents who have only proved themselves in one year (Renteria). In fact, get Orlando Cabrera back from the Angels if you can. I love that guy. As far as tonight, I place the blame both on Graffanino and Wells equally. That Buckner-like error by Graf and Wells hanging meatball curves over the plate were quite a deadly combination. So bring on another rout in Game 3 and let the management learn its lesson.

Here are some more adorable family pictures. When I came home last Friday during the early innings of the Red Sox-Yankees game, I saw this waiting for me:

Yes, that's my wife's partially obscured face.
Scarring him from a sports-fan standpoint at an early age.

SO CUTE! And so pointless, those losing bums!