Friday, September 23, 2005

Gotta start 'em early!

The Red Sox are playing tonight, and I'm watching the progress online. I announced to my 5 year old that they were losing early in the game, so he started cheering "Go, Red Sox!" Then he went into his bedroom and put on his Red Sox hat so he "could cheer for them without shouting." Boston took the lead a few innings later.

When he brushed his teeth he said he was hot and took the hat off. I said "Don't you want to keep it on while they're still playing?" He said he would put it on after he as done. But then I had a better idea, so I got his Red Sox t-shirt to take the hat's place. He went to bed with it on and said he was feeling hot again, so I asked if he wanted to take the shirt off. He replied, "No, I want to keep it on until they win."

I could barely hold back the tears.