Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ah, Sweet Montreal!

Where the music video channels show naked boobies.

Not much going on here, just some schmoozing. It's 12:30 at night and I'm hoping to get up tomorrow morn and run. I better get to bed soon, then...

After I iron my pants, of course.

Couldn't watch the Pats game, and by all post game accounts they didn't play well. I saw the Panthers' first "touchdown" on highlights and was appalled that it wasn't reviewed. Disgraceful, but it didn't lose the game for New England. New England lost the game themselves. Lock it up, guys!

I watched the second half of the Raiders-Chiefs game, and *SHOCK* was rooting for Oakland. I'm still a Randy Moss fan [think he made a difference on the Vikes, or what?] My favorite part of the game was after Moss' long TD catch to tie the game, the camera cut to Al Davis. Raider fans celebrating all around him, and he's sitting still, staring out towards the field. Kind of sad, but also pretty funny.

Bears and Titans roll this week, 49ers and Dolphins won big last week. It's a weird season so far, and I don't like it.