Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A bit more fun

Trolling some Pennsylvania Personals in Yahoo today for the next RBW installment and came across something funny.

Personals ads actually provide a lot of laughs, with horrendous misspellings and grammatical mistakes, blatant body-type lies, and the odd pre-op transvestite (I've seen three!). I resist making fun of such things here because I don't want to start a Mock People in Personals Ads feature. That's just cruel. But this gem I couldn't pass up. From a profile titled "Great Catch Seeks Submissive Kinky Guy":

If you want to understand me you should see the Steven Spielberg movie

To her credit, a check on IMDB reveals that the actual director of Secretary is Steven Shainburg, but come on! Who could see the movie and make that mistake? Even if you didn't know a lot about movies, that's quite an error to make. And quite a funny one, too.

Okay, I'm done being cruel.

iPod: "Trip Through Your Wires" by U2, "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots, "I Understand It" and ""Actually It's Darkness" by Idlewild, and "Shooting Star" by Elliott Smith.