Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back from Babyland

Well, it's been a busy couple of days, as you can imagine, including a trip to another hospital when we discovered a throat infection that turned out to not be herpes, so big relief for us. Both baby and mother are doing great, and new Big Brother is wound up and enjoying having the baby around. He's also got a great aunt in town who's spoiling him, so he's having a blast.

I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks for everyone who stopped by here and left their congratulations and well-wishes (except maybe The Sarcastrix, whose comment I can't figure out). I got into blogging because I thought I could make people laugh, but it has become a network of friends whom I cherish. Thank you all. Yes, having a baby makes you atrociously mushy, so deal with it.

Now I'm back to work and I've got work to do, but I won't be fooling myself that I can impose some sort of moratorium on blogging activity. I just need to get my shit done while blogging. I'm totally capable of doing both, I'm just a lazy MF.

Anyone seen The Caveman's Valentine with Samuel L. Jackson? Weird movie. I saw it in the hospital yesterday.

Okay, some more photos of the new kid, because I love pimping out my children's cuteness.

SO precious!
What a proud big brother!

iPod: "Tried to Be True" by Indigo Girls, "Thirteen" by Elliott Smith (Big Star cover), "Magilla" by Phish, "Pilgimage" by R.E.M., "Quit" by Hey Mercedes, and "Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson" by Foo Fighters.