Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another great flick on late

This time it's Starship Troopers! Favorite line: "Rico! You know what to do." You can't beat Michael Ironside for B action movies. And Doogie rocks the house in this one, too. Neil Patrick Harris is an insanely talented actor/performer. He needs to be used more. Too bad Doogie Howser laid kind of a stigma on him.

I read the book the movie is "based on" and it's better than the movie, but very different. It's a quick read and I recommend it. The movie's a great action cheese-fest, and I recommend it, as well.

Good night, folks.

UPDATE: I just remembered something. When Starship Troopers first came out I liked it so much I went to see it again in the theater with my friend Vegetable Medley, who wasn't really excited about seeing it again so he smuggled in beer. How sad is that?