Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Where is everyone?

I thought for sure that our son inquiring about our oral sex activities would garner some comments. Or that someone would inquire about the absence of this week's Real Beautiful Women post. Or at least someone saying they were glad I had stopped it. ;-)

I haven't stopped it, (see Connecticut below) but I'm going to have to back off doing it regularly every week. It's pretty damn time consuming! Plus, when you're up until 3 am on Saturday night, and your wife wakes up and asks what you've been doing, "Looking at over 1000 women's personal ads," isn't a very comforting response.* So I still plan on finishing all 50 states, and keeping them all in one place for easy reference (see link at right), but I'll have to get to them when I get to them. I'm going to be busy at home pretty soon because...

My wife is dilated to 2 and half centimeters!!!!! My wife found that out at her doctor's appointment today. And according to the doctor's estimate the baby already weighs about 8 pounds. His due date is a month away, and he's already that big! Our 5 year old was a big baby, too, so big that my wife was induced three days before her due date. If this one doesn't come before about a week and half before the due date, we'll probably induce for him, too. We already know he's got long legs, so I've alerted the scouts that we've got a big, bruising defenseman on the way.

iPod: "The Center" by Tanya Donelly, ""Your House" by Jimmy Eat World, "Sparklers" by Buffalo Tom, "Fall" by Fossil, and "Dance, Motherfucker, Dance" by Violent Femmes.

* Especially to a self-conscious pregnant woman, but you didn't hear that from me. ;-)