Thursday, August 04, 2005

A couple o' things

More Real Beautiful Women -Rhode Island Supplement

Thanks to the immense generosity of Camo Girl, I have found some more beautiful women from Rhode Island that weren't on Yahoo personals. To be fair, none of the original three are being replaced. I am adding these two because it's not fair that they weren't in the original sampling, either. The categories are still messy, so I'll just call them Real Pretty Cuties:

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Picture Challenge

Speaking of Camo Girl, she linked to the below picture on her site and said IMDB wouldn't let her post it. I took that as a challenge and found a way to post it here without downloading it onto my computer. It showed up in my post field, but when I published it disappeared! Crap! I'll keep trying.


I gotchoo, sucka!

Why I should probably be fired

Among other reasons: Bowmaster. Thanks Bliss!

Why I should not be an NHL general manager

Because I'm too sentimental about players. Despite loving to see Brian Leetch coming to town, I'm most excited that the Bruins are keeping Glen Murray and bringing Shawn McEachern back!!!! I think it will pay off because they're both hard working players who have good histories in Boston, which should make them play even harder. Now if they could convince Steve Heinze to come out of retirement, I'd become The Orgasm Guy. Actually it seems that he left hockey because of post-concussion syndrome. That sucks!

iPod: "Something Deeper" by Thanks to Gravity, "Cowboy Hat" by That Dog., "Almost Blue" by Elvis Costello, "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, "Like a Rolling Pin" by The Replacements, "Every Devil" by Tanya Donelly, "Explosivo" by Renacious D, and "Teenage Victory Song" by Weezer.