Thursday, July 28, 2005


I need a drill, or a shotgun, or a melon-baller! Anything to get that stupid Jack Johnson song "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" out of my head. Arrrggghhh!!!

There's something that happened to me in Calgary that I've been meaning to write about. I got in a cab to go to the airport one Friday over a month ago. As soon as we started driving, I looked out the window and thought I saw someone I recognized. I looked closer and was sure of it. I had the driver stop and I went to say hi. It was a guy who lived in my dorm Freshman year of college! We're talking more than ten years ago, in New England, and here's this guy walking down the street in Calgary! I didn't have time to talk a lot, but it turns out he lives here now. I gave him my card and told him that I come to Calgary a lot, and that he should email or call me and we could do some catching up sometime.

I never heard from him. I know where he works and could probably track him down, but do I want to? We were friends, went to some parties, played on an intramural hockey team together, kind of bonded over Bryan Adams (I know, don't say it) and he blows me off? Whatever. It's not that I really wanted to hang out with him, but what a waste of a cool thing: running into someone you knew over a decade ago thousands of miles away from where you knew him. Wouldn't you at least email me? Oh well.