Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm done. For now. I think.

So I've been wasting huge amounts of time today, 'sperimentin' with Microsoft Picture It to snazz up my banner; because I CAN'T just leave it as the blogger template, or as the big-ass steak and cheese, or as an ambiguous ode to hockey and subs. This has all of the elements that make up me: Lots of blue, hockey, music, my family, running, and a subtle, muted cheesesteak sub, all wrapped up in swirly goodness.* Really, there's not much else to me except the love of breasts and pop-culture trivia. The former I'll probably refrain from depicting here, and if you can find a picture of the latter, send it to me post haste!

I finally saw The School of Rock last night, and really enjoyed it. I am a Jack Black fan, but the funniest parts are not when he's spazzing out. I like what seem to be more subdued (sub"dude"?) ad libs when he's buttering people up. The scene when he "spontaneously" gives his students nick-names is really funny. I also found out that the movie was written by Mike White, of Chuck and Buck fame. That was quite a shocker, because C&B is nothing if not unsettling and disturbing. Looking over his other writing credits, the boy's writing is sure eclectic, I'll give him that.

I'm traveling tomorrow (to lovely Calgary, unsurprisingly) and hopefully will have more interesting things to work on, and write about, than my cursed banner.

See you later.

iPod: "Beyond Belief" by Elvis Costello (GREAT song!), "Fair" by Ben Folds Five (anyone heard his new solo album? Any good?), "Unnoticed" by Athenaeum, "Vapor Trails" by Rush (I confess! I'm still a Rush fan!), "Swan Swan H" by R.E.M.

* Clockwise, from top left: 1. Me finishing a marathon; 2. Me, my wife and my son on Halloween; 3. My hockey hero, Andy Moog; 4. Bob Nanna rocking out.