Friday, July 15, 2005

Still here

Worked a bunch today, only had time to read some blogs and drop some comments, but now it's Friday, and I can post. Too bad I don't have anything to say.

Here's something:

Great Idea I Wish I Had #367

You know those big, portable signs they put in roads that have changing messages on them about construction and road closures? Like this?

Image hosted by

Well, someone in Salt Lake opened the programming box on one and changed the message the sign was displaying. The new message?

"I'm Rick James Bitch!"

Yeah, it's a bit dated, but pretty funny, even funnier for doing it in Utah. Not that I would do something like that these days. I've got to set an example. Now is your chance to participate. What humorous phrase would you program into a road sign, given the opportunity and immunity from legal consequences? Kind of a "Caption This Picture" feature. Have fun with it.

On the homefront, it's a bumper crop for bugs at our house. We're cohabitating with Dadddy Long Legs,

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Pill bugs stroll in under the screen nightly,

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and the earwigs are everywhere!

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One afternoon, my son and I squished about 25 earwigs on our patio, and just last night I picked up my son's washcloth from the side of the tub, and a big juicy one fell out. The bad kind of spiders haven't been too bad, thankfully. Usually we just find their carcasses.

Finally watched the new Comedy Central show Stella, and it's funny. Tonight's episode had some impressive guest stars: Paul Rudd and Sam Rockwell.

Ever noticed that the guy who does SpongeBob and Chloe from 24 were both on Mr. Show? Well, that's on now, so I have to go. Good night and good weekend.

P.S. - Anyone know how to post a picture that's also a hyperlink to that picture on another page?