Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quick poll

1. Are you all getting sick of the giant cheesesteak banner?

2. Do you like blog designs to be steady and reliable, or dynamic and fluid?

3. Do you like having Bob Nanna (formerly of Hey Mercedes) as the online image of me, or would you rather have something a little more... personal?

4. Pick one in the parentheses: "I would be (more)(less)(just as) likely to visit this site if there was a picture of an ample female cleavage regularly displayed somewhere hereon."

5. Ringo Starr was the REAL genius behind the Beatles' success. Agree or disagree?

6. Tell me honestly that the following isn't really damn funny: The aforementioned Bob Nanna has proposed making buttons to promote his solo project, The City on Film, that say, "This shit is B. Nanna's". Honestly!*

7. Do you hate odd-numbered lists or polls?

* A couple other blogs have referenced "Hollaback Girl" lately, so I thought I'd find a way. Pretty bad song. Ugh!