Saturday, July 02, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Item 1. I left work yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I went into the parking garage towards my car, and walked behind another car two spaces over from mine. As I approached my car, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye and turned back to to look in the car I had just passed. I saw a blond-haired woman who looked like she was leaning over from her driver's seat onto the passenger floor looking or reaching for something. I opened my passenger side door to put my bag and some papers I was carrying on the seat, closed it, turned around and glanced back at the car. She was still leaning down, and then I noticed that she wasn't alone. There was a man in the fully-reclined passenger seat, lying back with his eyes closed. The woman's head was bobbing slightly up and down. I was watching a public blow job in progress!

I quickly walked around my car and got in the driver's side. I looked over and they were still at it, either not noticing or not caring that I was nearby. Of course the first thing I did was to call my wife. I told her what was going on, while trying to see if what I thought was happening was really happening. I couldn't actually see anything, but there's not much else that could have been happening there, unless they were re-enacting a scene from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

As I was talking and gawking, I started to back out of my space, and [crrrunnch] I took my rear-view mirror off the driver's door by hitting a support pole. As I later explained to my son, "I hit a pole because I was trying to see another pole." Luckily, he didn't ask any further questions. But the funny thing is, even that didn't rouse these people from their fellatiotic trance. I got out and put the mirror casing back on and they were still going at it, in broad daylight, in a public parking garage, on Friday afternoon when people would be leaving work and going to their cars. And now I have to pay to fix my damn car!

Item 2. There's a new blog link over there on the right: Little Pickles by Amelia Maroon, loved by men and corn cobs alike. Check her out, notice the inspired template she chose, and make her visit count grow.

Item 3. As for the Real Woman project, we're still trying to find out how exactly this is going to work. I chose two women from Maine to show my wife. Originally my plan was that the one she chose would be featured on the site. When she didn't choose my favorite, I decided that maybe we'll show both. But then she said that even though both were attractive, neither was really the kind of woman she would want to look at, so I went back and showed her one I almost chose, and she liked her. So now I have three to show, and I've decided to do three categories each week: Real Pretty, Real Cutie, and Real Hottie. I'll post them on Monday.

Stay tuned!