Friday, June 24, 2005


First, let me apologize for my tone in last night's blog. I was being terse so I could get to bed, I guess.

Anyone ever play the famous drinking game, Asshole? I've played it 2 or 3 times, and cannot remember for the life of me how to play it. All I remember is playing it once in college, being consistently of low rank, and being forced by my superiors to shout "Ugh!" over and over again. Good times.

Today that phrase is not just an exclamation, it is a metaphor for my physical condition. I appear to be, according to all the symptoms, hung over. I'll recap my night/morning and see if you can find out why I feel this way.

First, ran about 4 miles, getting semi-lost in the suburbs of Calgary. When done, drank entire bottle of water. Next walked to train to go to large mall. Bought movie ticket for Batman Begins and sought dinner. Ate tasty cheesesteak sub and copious amount of fries while watching Manu Ginobli school the Detroit Piston defense. Drank one Alexander Keith's and half a glass of water. Then it was off to the movie, where I ate a box of Reese's Pieces and drank 32 oz. of 7-Up. Then I walked to the train, walked to the hotel (total distance walked, maybe 1 mile), and did a bit of blogging. Feeling worn out and slight headache coming on, bought a bottle of water at a vending machine and drank about half before going to bed. Slept for about 4 hours (which is my minimum to feel worth a damn the next day) and woke up with a bigger headache. Drank rest of bottle of water. Two hours later ate muffin and drank orange juice. One hour later, took three Advil. One hour after that (right now) eyes are still bloodshot and stingy, stomach feels queasy, head still hurts, and vision not entirely clear, as if my eyes can't keep up with my head when it turns.

I had one fucking beer! That's it. Had some water and other fluids, plenty of food, and I feel like this? Mind you, it's not a bad hangover, but WTF? All I can say is "Ugh"!