Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Random Junk

I'm actually pretty busy today, and don't have much on my mind to write about. Just some random junk flitting through my head:

1. Chinese blogging (found via Jinx of Spades)

So the Chinese government has opened up its cyberspace to bloggists, but is cracking down on the content. Quelle surprise! This article, though, indicates that the censors aren't doing a very good job. The censorship thing doesn't really get to me much. Sure, I wish they didn't do it, but there are more serious things I wish China would stop doing.

Speaking of China, here's a little story that makes me look bad and shows what an impressionable, naive youth I was. Back in 1989 when the student protests happened in Tiananmen Square, and the military went in and kicked some butt, a bunch of students in my high school wore black armbands to mourn those killed and protest the Chinese government. My friend got the bright idea to wear a red armband to protest the irresponsible and inflammatory actions of the students and support the position of the Chinese government. I soon saw the "merit" of my friend's view (which I'm sure was just a ruse for him to rile up the school's hippies) and wore one myself. My position was not that I supported Communism, but that the government had a right to control the riotous situation caused by the students. Yeah, I was an imbecile. But as most high school movements are, both armbands were empty gestures by kids getting their feet wet with activism.

So anyway, it's not the censorship that makes me take notice, but this little fact:

"The portal was launched May 26, and 5 million blogs have since been created, Microsoft said."

Holy crap! These people are starved for expression and connection. I wonder if anyone's reading or only writing? That's a lot of new sites. Even more amongst which my exceptionally trivial one can now be lost.

2. Ivy

How long have walls been a feature of mankind's presence? I can never remember how long humanids have inhabited the Earth (Bliss, a little help?) but it seems that the evolution of ivy has occurred relatively quickly. How could this plant have changed so much as to grow along flat, featureless walls? I looked at the base of one today, and it seems the bottom has grown so thick as to support everything above without reference to the wall at all. Amazing. I guess I'm just underestimating the resolve and capabilities of plants. I guess if weeds can learn to grow right underneath similar-looking garden plants to escape detection in the space of one year, then ivy's had a long time to hone its Spiderman-like skills.

Sorry, that's it. Now work beckons.

iPod: "Firestarter" by Jimmy Eat World, "Leggo my Ego" by The Dead Milkmen, "Harrison Ford" by Braid, "I Can Hear You" by They Might Be Giants, "Slave to the Traffic Light (White Tape version)" by Phish

P.S.- A big, "main post" welcome to new readers and commenters! Thanks so much for stopping by.