Thursday, June 02, 2005

Welcome, new blogs!

You may have noticed that there are two new blog links over there on the right:

View Lulu, an entertaining, sometimes saucy, blog written by a young woman in San Fran. Plus, she came to my site and left a comment wishing us well after the break-in and calling my wife "lovely". So that's an automatic shout-out. She also mentions "big boobs" in her tagline, so how could I not recommend her?

The Dialog Blog is a fucking brilliant idea. This guy overhears random conversations and types them out on his blog. Genius. Even if not all of the transcripts are funny or weird, the fly-on-the-well voyeurism makes it a CBK "Best Bet". (If there were such a thing. Anyone remember that from TV Week magazine?)

Visit these people, and enjoy.

iPod: "What You Wish For" and "Barrel of a Gun" by Guster. (Weird that two songs from the same atist AND album came on so close to each other in the shuffle.)