Friday, May 27, 2005

CBK Triple Play: Better late than never.

Or is it? My repeat readership seems to have declined recently (*gasp* could it be the new header?), but those who return seem to like at least part of this weekly feature, and I like coming up with them.

1. Internet game: Steady Hand, courtesy of Gorilla Mask. (I should probably use games that aren't from a site I have in my links that visitors may have already seen, ya think?). If you get past level 2, let me know, because I can't.

2. Brain teaser: (It's getting hard to find good puzzles. This will have to do for now)
You're the detective.
Mr. Body has been killed at a party in a mansion and you have been called to the case. The rooms in the mansion are: The Library, The Dining Room, The Music Room, and The Study. Mr. Body was killed in the Music room. Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, and Mr. Green are the suspects. You have figured out that the suspect that was in the Music Room at the time of the murder is the one who killed Mr. Body. Find out which suspect was in which room at the time of the murder to figure out the person who killed Mr.Body.
a. Colonel Mustard hated books.
b. Professor Plum was either eating or practicing piano.
c. Mr. Green liked books, but wasn't in the Library.
d. There were two people in the Music Room.
e. Colonel Mustard was sick of being called "Poupon" by Prof. Plum, so he left the room Plum was in.

3. Movie Trivia: What's the worst song from a movie ever? Just kidding. Below is a list of movies. One actor in each movie has a more famous sibling. Give me the more-famous siblings' names. And if you can do it without looking up the answers, that'd be cool.

a. The Pope of Greenwich Village
b. Parenthood
c. Mona Lisa Smile
d. Jerry Maguire
e. Moving Violations
f. Postcards from the Edge

If you want hints, I can give other, more helpful movie titles starring the less-famous actors. Just ask and ye shall receive.

I'm supposed to be reading for my next online class, but I just can't get into the spirit of it. Shit, I also need to start studying for an exam next Saturday!

Oh, and in case you missed them, some funny Spamusement cartoons:

Does your girl like surprises?
My penis hurts after a big session