Friday, May 20, 2005

Here's the Triple Play!

1. Internet Game: Grid Game. It's not a thinking/strategy game, but it's pretty neat. I got 646 on my third try, but haven't got anywhere near that since. Post your high scores in the comments.

2. Brain Teaser: Distribute nine marbles in four boxes so that each box contains an odd number of marbles and no two boxes contain the same number of marbles. You must use all nine marbles. (I struggled with this, so my wife looked up the answer and I asked her yes/no questions. I got close, but was missing something, and she gave me the solution. I'll give hints if you would like.)

3. Let's do another Who Am I, since I can't think of anything else:

I am a director who has directed many computer-graphics-filled movies and who learned my craft from working with Steven Spielberg early in my career. Virtually every school child in America recognizes my name. Who am I?