Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Give me the gold medal!

I know I may seem like a man of substance and integrity, but I'm here to disabuse you of that notion. I can actually be very petty.

I was reading Runners' World today (ignore the gross hypocrisy for the moment). That magazine can make me feel very bad about myself, reading about 2:30:00 marathon runners who have three kids, cross-train for triathlons, work 12 hours a day at high pressure jobs, and organize charity events for fun. But today I saw something that made me feel really good. Turns out Kerri Strug (the Olympic gymnast and Bela Karolyi accessory) is now a runner who has run 3 marathons and finished a bit over 4 hours in each one. I, ahem, ran my first marathon a bit under 4 hours. Kerri, a gold-medal winning athlete, ran the Houston marathon (a famously flat and quick race) twice, and both times couldn't break 4 hours.

See what I mean? Petty, immature, and insecure.

But just as I'm feeling pretty good about myself, I find out what Kerri's third marathon was: the Boston Marathon. I'd love to run the Boston Marathon. There's a slight problem, though. I, like other normal people, need to qualify for it. I would have to run 3:10:00 in an eligible marathon to qualify. That's about 50 minutes off my personal best. So not only was Kerry allowed into the Boston Marathon on the basis of, I'm guessing, her celebrity, but she ran 4:14. Which means that she was allowed to start at the front. I know someone who ran the Boston, and he told me that it is not a race to post a record. It's so crowded that you're essentially walking for the first mile or two. But Kerri gets to lead off the damn race like some honorary grand marshal, qualifying requirements be damned.

Petty, petty petty.

Watching "Stacked" on Fox: Pamela Anderson has some scary-ass nipples.

Here's a brain teaser, courtesy of my wife, for all of you to work on until I get a movie trivia question together:

An ancient Greek was said to have lived one fourth of his life as a boy, one fifth as a youth, one third as a man, and to have spent the last 13 years as an elderly gent. How old was he when he died?