Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sorry, Jade.

I've been a baaaaad boy! I haven't been posting, and my friend Jade has nothing to break up her days filled with caring for her newborn. I wish I had more to say these days, but the truth is I'm busy at work and generally uninspired. I don't have any news to hide in movie trivia. I haven't seen anything online that is really funny/ infuriating/ amusingly pornographic to post about. I am stuck on this game though: Free the Balloon, on Gorilla Mask. Can anyone figure out how to free the balloon without popping it? I can't, but I WILL, mark my words!

Gorilla Mask is pretty neat, with cool videos and stuff. Both Bob and Bliss have linked to it, thus tipping me off to its coolness. Poke around there, you'll find lots of neat stuff. It reminds me of Ham n Cheez, a site I linked a long time ago that I just stopped visiting, because I'm a lazy, forgetful S.O.B. (just ask my friends who I don't email or call for months on end). I think I'm going to put links to Ham n Cheez and Gorilla Mask on the right to remind me to check them out. (I just tried to open Ham n Cheez to link it, but it won't come up. Maybe it's gone.) I'm also going to link to posts of my creative (hackish) writing. So far there's my Shakespeare cheesesteak essay and the Legend of VM. This way my faithful readers can cherish them without searching through the archives, and newbies can benefit from them as well.

Aside from work I've been doing parenting. Our son is getting big and smart and strong! He's an incredibly sweet and caring boy, but he loves to beat the shit out of me. My wife says that's what boys do with their dads, but I never did anything like that. Sure, I liked to practice karate moves on stuffed animals and trees, but my dad was noticeably absent as a punching bag during my childhood. (Don't worry, this is not a couch session about my relationship with my dad.) So I don't want to discourage him, and be the bad guy and spoil his fun, but he hits pretty hard sometimes, and sometimes he jumps on me, landing on his knees/shins. That can hurt. I guess I'm just a big wimp. Sometimes I hit back a bit, but I end up hurting him a little and he starts to cry and I feel like an ass. What's a dad to do? I don't think many of you have experience with this "dilemma" so I don't know what I expect you to say.

So, no takers on the jowling proposition? It's not dirty, I swear. Check out the link. It's funny.

My wife and I spent some time with a brain puzzle book the other night, and she suggested that I post some on this site to get readers to guess the answers. I think I just might. What do y'all think?

iPod: "Walking After You" by Foo Fighters, "Register Side" by Buffalo Tom, "Bobsled" by Thanks to Gravity, "Absolute Zero Drive" by Hey Mercedes, "Your Racist Friend" by They Might Be Giants, "Nothingwrong" by Jimmy Eat World (who played SLC last night, but I skipped it. I'm not convinced that they're very good live), "Given to Fly (live)" by Pearl Jam