Monday, April 25, 2005

Guess My Big News, Part 2!

This is a just-made-up-by-me variation on the Kevin Bacon game. I'm going to make a string of references to actors, films, and books starting with Kevin, and you have to follow it to the end. Once you get the title of the last film, and the words in the title I isolate, you will know my new big news. Good luck.

1. Kevin Bacon played a lawyer in this courtroom drama also starring a once very popular and sexually-desired actress.

2. This actress, early in her career, starred in a comedy as a hippy-ish singer who falls for a failed basketball player who redeems himself by winning a sailing race.

3. The actor who portrayed the failed basketball player, also a very popular actor, starred in a movie about music that is set in Chicago, though the book the film is based on is set in a totally different country.

4. The author of that book (the non-Chicago set music story) also wrote another book that was made into a movie. The movie starred an actress who once played an overweight ABBA fan and an actor who always plays a socially bumbling, though insanely charming, man. Once you get the title of this movie, take out the first two words of it, and what you have left should adequately describe my big news.

Good luck!

iPod: "One of These Days" by Pink Floyd, "Lining Lake Michigan" by Braid, and "Your New Aesthetic" by Jimmy Eat World.