Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Legend of Vegetable Medley, Verses IX-XVI

[With Editor's Notes]

Of lyre and lute did he partake
Sounds most obscure and dissonant
In composition confident
That Reich left intravers'ble wake

Rush, he would, to soundly bless
The fruits of men from Willowdale
When asked, could others be as hale
His answer surely would be, Yes

His mettle he did prove with ease
In mock battles on field and ice
No quarter would he give the vice
Of pride, but bring it to its knees

Much he had, in lair and steed
Moreso than others of his clan
In truth, he'd more than any man
The means to meet his ev'ry need

And so declared, like Kublai Khan
A place to call their Pleasure Dome
A clubhouse set inside his home
With merriment for ev'ry one

The council members would embark
Each Thursday eve through Saturday's
To seek their pleasure in the ways
Of spirits and nymphs dressed in dark

The goal of each nocturnal quest
To win the crown of B-O-K
Find maidens to convince away
To share a warrior's nightly rest

They had adventures, this be true
Enough to fill a hundred verse
This bard, sadly through wretched curse
Hath only time to tell a few