Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just a few things

Before the Ambitious Post.

There's a new link on the list to the right: The City on Film Daily! This is Bob Nanna's blog. Who's Bob Nanna, you ask? He's the lead singer/songwriter for Hey Mercedes! The City on Film is his solo project. And this is his blog. You may not find it very interesting, but his enthusiasm, energy and humor is on full display, and I'm very excited he's started it. Can I BE any more of a dork?

I really want to try that new Burger King omelet sandwich. And then get sick.

I don't remember them saying that Lost was a repeat this week. Bastards! At least I've got some playoff hockey to watch! Mmmmm... playoff hockey.

Okay, the big post. It's an epic poem, of sorts. Inspired by the concept of The Song of Roland. Not the actual text or format of the Song of Roland. That would require reading it, and it's one long-ass muthafuggah!

In advance of your criticism: Yes, I know that it sounds like Yoda wrote it. Yes, it contains French words that probably aren't acceptably used in English. Yes I know it's about people and events that only one person will recognize.

I hope you enjoy it anyway. I'll post 8 stanzas per night until it's done. Right now I've got 23 stanzas and more to compose.