Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Watergirl, your interview is served

1. A Supervillain straps you in the Clockwork Orange chair to make you watch a specific children’s cartoon (not just one episode) the rest of your life as torture. What cartoon do you choose and why? No South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, etc.

2. Have you ever lusted after a married man? No names, but who was he and how did you know/meet him? How far did you take it?

3. If you were possessed by uncontrollable rage and despair, given an arsenal of rubber bullet rifles, were compelled to go on a non-lethal-but-certainly-painful shooting spree, AND could travel anywhere in time or space to do it, would you go to: a. Childhood home/neighborhood; b. high school; c. college; d. particular job (name it); e. White House of any administration (name it); f. Other (name it)? Please give brief details justifying the carnage.

4. What celebrity’s sweat would you most want to have on you, if it gets there in a non-sexual way?

5. A messenger comes to you and tells you that tomorrow you will learn the Absolute Truth about God, Creation, the Universe, and the Purpose of Human Existence. Assume you believe him. He also tells you that you can choose not to learn it, because he personally thinks you might be disappointed in the news. Do you decide to learn it or decline? Oh yeah, you can’t tell anybody if you learn it.

Bonus Question #6. What are your three favorite boy names and three favorite girl names?