Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Here they come.

I know it's a pretty tired blog feature: the list of weird search terms that brought freaks to your site. But I got a couple of interesting ones (finally), and wanted to share them.

1. Elastigirl tits (I asked for it, I guess)
2. Mikalah Gordon tits (Has she posed already? Oh wait, "she's only 17!"*)
3. Slobby handjobs (this person searched from Finland)
4. Orange Bowel (this person is either a patron or employee of this place, a Catholic Nun-run senior services institution. I love Sitemeter.)
5. author board cfnm/ embarrassing cfnm stories (dedicated to Bliss, formerly Lawyer Guy. I owe him so much)

[Also, Bliss, it looks like Finland has begun following your decree.]

Gotta brush, floss and sleep now. Good night.

* credit: Kip Winger (I just typed www.kipwinger.com in the address bar on a whim, and my prayers were answered.)