Thursday, March 24, 2005

Time for my post-lunch nap

So far so good on Project Continu-Post. I've decided to do my daily updates around lunch time. I can't do it in the morning because that's when I READ all my blogs. That usually takes me to around 10:30-11 (depending on how many news stories my wife sends me), then I have to do a little work until lunch time. Then I check back on all the comments I've left at others' blogs and see if they garnered a response. Throw in random checks of personal email and to see if tickets have gone on sale for the Hey Mercedes show YET, and it's 1:30 when I post this.

I think my boss wants to fire me. For some reason she doesn't think I'm at all capable. Maybe it's because I've been paired with a complete incompetent supervisor/colleague for almost 4 years and she has little idea of what I can do. So when she finally throws me into my own case, don't you think it's totally reasonable for her to have elevated expectations of me to handle a small crisis and tell the client how it's going to be, despite what they say they need from us. Now she just mumbles at me in the morning and avoids making eye-contact. No verbal contact for the rest of the day. IETSU!*

But I am excited about my new case. It's going well so far, and as I mentioned yesterday, I intend to kick major ass on it. It may seem hard to reconcile my actions described in the first paragraph with my intentions stated in the last sentence, but it's going to work. Don't you worry.

Here's a funny little news story my wife sent me. It's actually been updated with pictures and such. When I first read it, it was just a couple paragraphs. What fun that must have been.

As for the Hey Mercedes show, the club where the show is allegedly taking place has yet to announce the show or offer tickets for sale. In fact, they have announced a completely different show for that night, some kind of DJ lineup. Ugh. Let's get it together, people! I need to make my reservations.

iPod: "Satellite" by The Replacements, "The Inlaw Josie Wales" by Phish, "Curtains" by Soundtrak, "Don't Let's Start" by They Might Be Giants, and "These Wooden Ideas" by Idlewild.

*I Eat This Shit Up. A variation on WETSU: We Eat etc.