Monday, March 14, 2005

Too much random stuff in my head

Where is Coach K from? Is his nasally, tiny-mouthed speech some sort of regional accent, or is he just a sniveling, needle-dick freak? Just saw a commercial with him in it.

I've expounded on the glory and virtue of the cheesesteak sub here. Some of my oldest-school readers may remember my original title had "cheesesteaks" in it. But if The Next Generation's Q came down and erased the existence of cheesesteaks, I would not end my life IF the Monte Cristo sandwich was spared a similar fate. Mmmmmmmmm!

I'm on the road, and there's just too much stuff I need/want to do: run, class work, work work, tv, blogging, ironing. I need to sleep, too. Man, I don't have time to surf porn! If I ever did that sort of thing.

I've been trying to get into the new, hip music these days, seeing as Hey Mercedes is breaking up, and they're obviously not GOOD enough to warrant wide-spread acceptance or even lukewarm promotional efforts by their label (just call me Bitter Billy). I read Entertainment Weekly, but I don't make time to download all the bands they write up. So I watch MTV2 late at night to watch videos, and I just don't get it. Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Arcade Fire, The Bravery, a bunch of others, I just don't feel anything from them. It seems like they write music to either a) sound weird, or b) sound like 80's New Wave. But they don't actually rock at all. What I get from their music is how clever they think they are, not how their feelings get translated into music and lyrics. I'm not a Death Cab for Cutie fan, but I get the feeling in their music. Their lyrics are strange, and the tempos slow, but there is "rocking" in the emotion of their music. These other yahoos just don't rock to my ears. That being said, I like "Mr. Brightside," I just can't get the damn song out of my fucking head!

I like to guess where the plots of movies and shows are going well before it's revealed. And I'm not often right. But now I'm watching Medium, and I think that the little brother of the psychic researcher guy is still alive and wrote the movie that Patricia Arquette keeps seeing in her head. It's 11:33, and I'm calling it right now. Mark it! I've never watched this show, but I agree with the early reviews I read of it: the dynamic between Patricia and her husband is the best part of the show. It's the most realistic depiction of how a married couple interacts I've ever seen.

Watched 24, and I love the show, but it makes me laugh sometimes. I wonder if they re-wrote the ethnic identity of the sporting goods owners to make amends for the Arab-bashing the media's been giving them. And Tony and Michelle! I'm pulling for those two kids!

Shit, I've got to get ironing!


Update: The little brother wrote a book, and they made a movie out of it. I'm the MAN!