Thursday, March 03, 2005

I've got a plan.

It's ambitious. Probably expensive. And probably going to disappoint my wife (especially because the first she's hearing about it is right here). Let's start off with a few hypothetical questions:

If the marathon starts at 7 am on Saturday April 23, what time will I be done, assuming I reach my goal of 3:45:00?

What if I don't reach my goal, but match my time of last year (just under 4 hours)?

If I were in any condition to try, how much time will it take to go home and shower after the marathon?

If I finished the marathon, showered and had a bag packed, could I make a flight at, say, 1:30 or 2?

If I made that flight, and landed in Chicago between 5 and 6, would I have time to get to a club for a show?

If I made the show, would I be physically able to dance? If not, would I dance anyway and just regret it in the morning?

If I attempted such a stunt, could I justify buying the ticket with actual money since none of the airlines I have mucho points for has a flight that leaves at 1-2 and gets into Chicago between 5-6?

If I was seriously entertaining this idea, would my wife freak out?

Thought-provoking questions, all. Answers to come later.

My new profile pic is hard to see, but it's Bob Nanna from Hey Mercedes. I WISH I was as talented a musician and song writer as he is. And as thin!

Don't worry, faithful friends, this blog won't be the Unrequited Love of Hey Mercedes fan page for long. Just a little longer.

Toronto's going well, but I'm not getting out at all. Just working, sleeping and reading blogs. NOT running, btw (for SHAME!) I need to do homework, but BLEH! I don't want to. I should be going to bed.

I tried 14 miles last Sunday and my calf tightened up like a MoFo. It was weird, and really hurt. I was only 6 miles in. So it's been resting. Like the Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage! I might get up tomorrow morning and do a short run, but that would mean even less sleep than I'm going to get already. Hotels kill me! They have a strange power to keep me up. Maybe it was the hour and a half nap I took this afternoon.