Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Disappointment with a capital "F"!

My apologies to the New England Chapter of the CBK Fan Club. As you can see, I'm not in Boston this week at all.

I called my mom on Sunday night to tell her I was coming to Boston, and she called back and we made plans for me, two of my brothers, their significant others, and my parents to all have dinner on Tuesday night at the Cheesecake Factory! Sweet, I love that place. I checked in for my flight on Monday morning and got in the somewhat long security line. I decided to call my coworker in Philly who I was going to meet in Boston for the presentation to make sure he had the necessary projector. It turns out he had just called my office to let me know that the Boston presentation was CANCELLED because of the impending snow holocaust threatening the Northeast. It sure was a good thing I called him, because he had no idea how early I was leaving, and I would not have received his message until my layover in Minneapolis. So I got my bag back and cancelled with the check in agent. Then went home and helped my wife and son get ready for school/work. They were both very excited that I was home for two more days, but I was bummed. I'm still going to Toronto tomorrow, but that's no consolation. I was looking forward to seeing Boston and my family, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory. It was the only upside to being away from home three weeks in a row. Crap!

Now today came the whipped cream of cruelty on top of the sundae of disappointment. Hey Mercedes let slip the date of their farewell show in Chicago. It's April 23. The same day as my fucking marathon!!!! WHY, GOD, WHY?!?!?!?!?! Sure there are other marathons to run, but I've already paid the damn entry fee and been training a lot. To forfeit that fee, and incur the costs of traveling to Chicago for the show, is just stupid. Plus, I'll hate myself if I don't run the marathon. Hey Mercedes is worth missing a marathon, but my already sketchy self esteem won't hesitate to remind me that I gave up on working towards a goal. I'll get depressed, eat all the time, and get really stinking fat. And never run another marathon again. Or something like that.

It's still a possibility that I'll go to the show, but my wife just doesn't understand the urge to travel so far just to see "some local band." Branding my forehead with a hot iron would have hurt less than that comment. You see, Hey Mercedes is a national act, with a national following, but if their stupid record company and various media outlets don't promote them the way they should, that's not the band's fault! To call them a local band is to belittle their wide fan-base and the band's arduous touring over the years. I know I am a humongous fan-boy dork. I'm totally conscious of that fact. My wife didn't mean any harm in the comment. She's not evil.

When I pointed out that they are a national band on a major (indie) label, she said that even if it were Prince (who she loves) she wouldn't understand doing that. I know that traveling to the show is not what most people would call "normal" or "prudent." But damn, they fucking rock, and I can say that I saw them the last time! Unless they reform with 3 of the 4 members and a different name in a year (like what happened with their predecessor, Braid). Then I'll just feel like an idiot, eat more and get even fatter. Sigh.

iPod: Captain by Idlewild, In the Lost and Found by Elliott Smith, Voice of Harold by REM, Doctor Worm by They Might be Giants, American Girls by Homie (Weezer).