Monday, February 21, 2005

Back in the DOC, my beeyotches!

That's Dominion of Canada. Calgary this week, a stint in Toronto next. 24 has just ended, so I'm watching Canadian cable TV, surfing channels, when the classic warning/teasing disclaimer comes on that the following program contains "nudity and sexually explicit subject matter." Sweet! I'm there. What follows, however, is the end of a weird Indian-Canadian melodrama involving a woman, her violent boyfriend, some old guy that has been sleeping with the woman and knocked her up, the old-guy's whimpy son who I think is married to the woman, and what appears to be the whimpy son's gay lover wearing a black leather jacket and motorcycle helmet. The violent boyfriend beats up the other three guys in a cramped, poorly-choreographed fight scene. Then he apologizes to the woman, who tells him to beat it. In case you didn't notice, there was no nudity or sex anywhere! Now it's back from commercial and the gay lovers are in a restaurant jamming with an electric guitar and a large jug (banging it, not blowing it). Oh, and the woman went back to India to get away from all the madness (boringness more like it), and I think the violent boyfriend just showed up there to surprise her. The movie's called Seducing Maarya (check out the user rating at that link!) I got the whole plot from the last 10 minutes of the movie, apparently. I recommend this film if you have absolutely no interest in nudity or sex or compelling plot. Man, what a waste!

I need to iron my clothes and get to bed, anyway. Big meeting tomorrow, and I'll be wearing a suit! My wife wisely suggested that I try on the suit before packing it. It's been a while since I've worn it, and it may not accommodate my increasing girth. Then I'd be forced to wear the suit I bought during law school (1998) or BEFORE law school (1996) when I was a LOT bigger than I am now. Thankfully, it still fits, thought the pants waist is a bit more snug. I actually had a pretty good run on Sunday. Just shy of 20 miles. There was a lot of walking after mile 13, but I alternated running and walking well, and had a good finish. The marathon is about 2 months away, so I feel good about my chances to at least beat my time from last year, if not by the 15 minutes I want. I need to do more mid-week running to get my muscles stronger and more used to being stressed. That's the plan this week.

Random content: I got spam last week from "a person" with an unusual name that I very much like the sound of: Rigoberto. Anyone ever seen this name before? I think it's pretty cool! It's got steamy Mexican Soap Opera written all over it!

Saint Decision posted an Audio Blog last week, and has challenged his readers to do the same. I'm flirting with the idea (which means that I'll probably do it). I don't know what to say, but I'll come up with something short and sweet. I might just quote some Jive from Airplane! and Airplane II to make my friend laugh. Sheeit!