Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"You maniacs! You blew it up!"

There were some valiant efforts near the end, but greedier heads prevailed and there will be no NHL season this year! It's not a surprise, I guess, but finally knowing brings sadness and anger.

In other bad news, I had a short medical exam by a nurse this morning for a life insurance application, and she weighed me. I was not pleased with the results. I had clothes and shoes on, but still, not good. That combined with the end of hockey makes me one unhappy fat bastard, as you can see from my profile picture.

Again, because of my lack of initiative to find a good picture host, and Blogger's draconian limits on profile picture size, I was thwarted in my attempt to use this picture. It better captures my despondency at losing hockey and being so fat. Neither picture, BTW, adequately portrays the amount of hair I have on my head or rest of my body. Thankfully!

I sure am glad to get rid of that sleazy Rim, I mean Tim, McGraw picture. He's one creepy SOB.

Sorry for the lack of blogging activity. I'm busy and uninspired. I'm traveling to Calgary next week and Boston/Toronto the week after. Mmmmm, Boston. My poor wife is steeling herself for the loss of my contributions to house and child maintenance. Sorry, Sweetie! I'm also taking an online class which is going to take more of a time commitment than I had originally thought (hoped) it would. Haven't I done enough school?

The real tragedy is the TV sacrifice I'm going to have to make. Looks like Idol and Wife Swap will be the first to go. Lost and 24 are untouchable. Housewives and Arrested Development are on the bubble. A new Amazing Race is coming, too. We'll see about that one. Man, I was upset that Jon and Kris got nosed out at the end of the last one. Damn!

It's sad, really, that I worry about the shows I will miss because I try to advance my career opportunities and achieve a marathon time goal. Why can't I have it all? Like eating cheesesteaks and cake while not getting fat. Or doing 3 leisurely runs a week and maintain an 8 minute pace for 26.2 miles. And while I'm at it, why can't I be a wealthy and famous composer/ conductor/ guitarist/ rock star/ NHL goalie? Is that too much to ask?

iPod: "Sanity" by Phish; "Muzzle" by Smashing Pumpkins; "1990 Nightmare" by Idlewild, who is my favorite band that's NOT breaking up. Their new single sounds good. Can't wait for the album.