Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Weird dream

I'm not looking for analysis, and I'm not going to make this a regular feature, but I had an amusing dream this morning that I'm going to tell you about.

I was in law school, and was writing a take-home essay for a final exam. There were three questions, and the deadline was fast approaching. I finished the first two, but was running out of time, so I went to the school to turn in the test. When I got there I saw that I had about 20 minutes left, so I tried to write at least a short answer to the last question. I went into a room where a lecture was going on to write it. The question asked for the reasons why Michael Jordan was such a great basketball player. I wrote some things down that made sense in the dream (like they were actual achievements MJ had made) and then went to turn in the test. I was five minutes late, but there was a portly friend of mine at the turn-in table that was in charge of collecting the tests. He seemed so familiar, but I don't know who it was. He told me not to worry, and to do any more cleanup I needed to do.

Jump to later in the dream, when the professor decided to go over people's answers to the test publicly. First he had my portly friend on stage, showing his answer to the first question. It was a sandwich. There was a sandwich in a plastic display case rotating on the stage. It had lettuce in it, but I couldn't see what kind of meat was in it. Next I saw other people's answers, which looked like leftovers of casseroles.

For the second question, Elliott Smith came on stage to sing the best answers. In the first verse, the only word I remember him singing was "emotive," which I think is the title of A Perfect Circle's latest album. The second verse was my answer, and I was beaming with pride, but I can't remember any of the words.

The alarm woke me before the answers to the Jordan question were reviewed. I hate when dreams get interrupted before they're done.

iPod: "The Romans Are Dancing" by Thanks to Gravity.