Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hopefully the end of a disturbing trend

It sucks when you work.

It sucks when you work in a small office.

It sucks when you work in a small office with only one bathroom.

It sucks when you work in a small office with only one bathroom and the guy who used it just before you had an intestinal explosion all over the bowl.

In "Who gives a damn?" religious news, Rolling Stone has bent to the Christian values mandate sweeping the country and decided to sell ad space for a new, hip, youth bible translation. Apparently other people are feeling the pressure, such as, "Modern Bride, The Onion, MTV.com and AOL...."

What strikes me as funny is that The Onion probably did it without a second thought, realizing that its readers would think it was a joke. Why not get paid to run something readers will think is a good bit of snark. I miss The Onion. I used to read it in a sub shop I worked at when it was slow. Now I don't know where to pick it up, and I'm too lazy to read it online.

iPod: "Bled White" by Elliott Smith and "Taste the Pain" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. They got old pretty fast for me, although I still love most of Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Californication.