Thursday, January 13, 2005

You should probably sit down for this

I have some bad news. It seems that I, well, have some work to do. It's not a lot, but.... See, I'm going out of town next week, and things are starting to pick up and my arch nemesis, I mean coworker, all of sudden has things he needs done. And then I need to do some things to get my ass working on my own stuff, and, well, I may not be writing as often as I have been. It's not you, it's me! I swear!

I'm sure while I'm out of town next week I'll be up all night blogging my brains out, but be prepared, Dear Readers, for some slacking off of CBK frequency. It's tough, I know, having to do work. Believe me, I don't really WANT to do some of it, but I need to justify my raise and all.

In the meantime, I'd like to tell you what an insanely huge crybaby I am. My mother-in-law's dog died, and she had us come over to say goodbye last night. A viewing, if you will. He was a great dog, but I didn't know him that long. I tell you, I couldn't hold it together. Not that I was blubbering, but I was the only one crying. I'd like to think I was moved by our 4 year old's reaction to missing the dog and cheerfully giving him a toy to play with in the afterlife, but is that enough of an excuse? I'm a big sap, and I know it. Everyone was looking at pictures of the dog from years past, and I wasn't even around then, and I was losing it. Damn my mother's genes!!!!

iPod update: The music-ectomy and transplant operations were a success. He has recovered nicely and is back entertaining me. First song played: "You Say the Most Beautiful Things" by Jimmy Eat World." Now playing: "Roi" by The Breeders.

I decided to re-install the Apple update that prevents me from playing my coveted Police B-sides. I figure the two companies will either work out a deal eventually, or I'll find someone who owns the box set and will let me rip the songs from their CDs. C'est la vie.