Wednesday, January 05, 2005

F' You, Sooners!


That's me laughing hysterically at Bob Stoops, Jason White, ESPN analysts, Oklahoma fans and anyone else who thought Oklahoma could hang with USC in the Orange Bowl. Not that I'm a USC fan (I still think a good Big Ten team could have challenged them) but I knew that USC was going to roll over them. It should have been Auburn against USC, and Utah against Oklahoma. Then the winners could have faced off in a true national title game. Not only does a playoff system make incredible sense, it would be entertaining as hell! Make it so, you bitch bowl CEOs and college presidents.

I watched some of the game, because I had to tape The Amazing Race (but I haven't watched it yet, so don't tell me anything). Unfortunately, I missed the half time show with Ashlee Simpson (I can't find a story to link to). Fortunately, Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio played an excerpt. OMG!!! SO bad! And the crowd loudly booed her. I had heard that she was booed, but when I heard the audio I couldn't believe the singular force that was the Orange Bowl crowd booing. It was beautiful. Colin's pretty funny, and I recommend listening if you get ESPN radio. And you like sports. And you like sports talk. It's not for everybody, but it sure beats real radio.

Not only do I enjoy listening to the Herd, but I've adopted listening to ESPN Radio as a pre-game ritual. The New England Patriots lost when I didn't listen whenever I was in my car, so I have to listen to it. I know I'm a putz. You should see me when there's a hockey season. If I don't find the right way to hold my hands, the Boston Bruins will lose. How can I ever meet any of the players? They'll beat the crap out of me for my role in so many key losses!

But luckily I don't have to deal with that responsibility and guilt this year, because of those greedy bastards!!!!! *Sniff* I miss hockey.

iPod: "Pretty Mary K" by Elliott Smith.