Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chairman of the Bored

Not much to do today. I'm the only one in the office, so blogging is less exciting when there's no one to catch me illicitly writing to strangers. I went shopping for shirts today at Target. Much to my dismay they didn't really have what I was looking for, but they had a bunch of these very stripey, colorful, hip shirts like Ryan Seacrest wears and I decided to have a go at a couple. I may try to change my hair to a faux-hawk now and look the part, even though I'm 31, married, a father and not the wildest person you've met. I've successfully changed my look before, but the real test will be if the 21 year-old girl in the office laughs at me or not. I think I can pull it off, I just have to remember not to tuck the shirts in. Then maybe I can try them out at the clubs! (Just kidding, honey!)

So we're having family members over for margaritas on New Years Eve. I'm not sure what else we're going to do (Texas Hold 'Em? Trouble? Candyland?) but it's more fun than we had originally planned. My bother in law, allegedly, used to be really good at chess back in his youth. I used to play a lot (I think I lettered in it in high school, but that's such a shamefully geeky memory that I'm sure I've repressed it. I wear Seacrest shirts now, after all). I never learned any formal defenses or openings, but I enjoyed it, and actually won the first tournament I entered. I don't want to play my brother in law, though, because it's been so long since I played I'm sure he'll trounce me (like THE Ohio State Buckeyes trounced Oklahoma State last night in the Alamo Bowl!!! Woohoo!! Go Bucks!!!!) I'm afraid the experience will deflate my ego and destroy my wife's image of me as really smart. Maybe I can get him drunk and I'll only pretend to drink and then I can beat him. Yeah, that's the ticket!

As for the rest of the Ohio State news of improper benefits bestowed upon the players, I'm going to wait it out until all the facts are reported, or covered up to protect the program and coach. Semper Fidelis!

As for my greatest ideas, I'll only say now that they relate to music.

In the mean time, why don't all three of you try to guess what my name, CBK, is an abbreviation for. Some people I told about this blog are excluded from the contest, although I don't know how I will know if they're posting the comment or if it's a stranger, or what getting the right answer actually entails for the winner. If you get it right, you must provide a detailed account of how you know the answer. Saying "lucky guess" automatically disqualifies you, even though you will have broadcast the answer to everyone else. I'll delete the comment if I suspect any shenanigans! I will!

As for comments, I'm thinking of switching to Haloscan because they post faster, and it's easier to post non-anonymously. You anonymous posters, at least use some kind of vague handle so I can keep track of you better. Thanks!

iPod: 90s Boston alternative special! "Gepetto" by Belly and "Clobbered" by Buffalo Tom.