Wednesday, December 22, 2004


As you can tell, not only am I new to having my own blog, but I'm new to the whole medium. I don't have a "100 things about me" post, quizzes or any links. My only gimmick is my iPod report. I expect I'll get more involved in the process, but it's going to be a time investment I didn't anticipate when I signed up.

I've been reading one blog for over a year, but only recently have I started exploring and finding more. It's a BIG bloggy universe out there, let me tell ya! There are SO many blogs, and I never realized the different types and what blogs could be used for. Sure, I heard about the political blogs, but I don't have the patience for those. I prefer the invective of the political usenet groups. Just yesterday I discovered sex blogs, religion blogs and blawgs. Either I'm too close in time to law school for nostalgia to kick in, or too far removed from the practice of law at my current job to care about reading those. I thought the sex blogs would be a fave, but I'm not so sure. It's a little skeevy.

After previewing a bunch, I discovered that my favorite type of blogs are the ones where people complain about their jobs/ love lives in an amusing way. So far my favorites are:

Monster Sarcasm Rally (linked in another post) (also a blawg) (also kind of a sex blog) (Damn funny for a 21 year old!) (the web legend) (not a lot of complaining, but she's my friend)

I'm sure I'll find more, but just the thought of tacking more onto my Favorites list is exhausting.

So, because rip-off is the greatest form of flattery, I'll start complaining about my job. Not my job, exactly, but my "colleague." When my company first moved me west, it was to work with this guy. It became a working "for" relationship pretty quickly. He's much older than I am, and has more experience in the field, but he's a lazy motherfucker! And it's not just me. Almost everyone in the company knows his work habits, and he's tolerated. It's a serious issue when over half of the money our company has been expecting to make the last two years has been his responsibility, and we're still waiting! He's disorganized, scatter brained, and loses patience with ME when I can't give him an instantaneous answer that HE should already know. I've since been transferred again, but he wasn't, so he "works at home." Which means he does even less! It's good to be away from the day-to-day interaction, but makes getting things done that much harder. Funny recent story about this guy: He bought new shoes for a business trip. When he dressed in the hotel the morning of his meeting, he realized he had one new shoe and one old shoe in his bag! He had to wear them like that, Punky Brewster-style, to a meeting with a prospective client. Way to go, Punky!

Anyway, this week he's catching up on an assignment that was supposed to be done last week. His mission, should he decide to actually do it, is to write a letter to said prospective client outlining what information our company will need to do our project. Since he's been at this job for about 4 years, you'd think it wouldn't be hard. And it's not, when all he does is call me to do a company-wide search for similar letters written by other people! So I forward one that I wrote before, and have to call another colleague asking for his, which makes me look like an ignoramus because, as he tells me, his letter contains stuff that I should already know! No shit! The search took two days, with three samples forwarded. I still don't think he's written the letter yet! And since tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve, it won't be done until the end of next week! F'ing bastard!!!! Aaarrrgghhhhhhh!!!!!

iPod: Lots, considering how prolific I've been today: Belly- "Baby's Arm" and "Spaceman"; Hey Mercedes- "Bells" and "Save a Life"; Jimmy Eat World- "77 Satellites"; Veruca Salt- "Victrola"; Tanya Donelly- "Golden Mean"; Elliott Smith- "Twilight"; some Phish, some BNL (more Canadians!) and right now a Pavement song about R.E.M., "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence" from No Alternative.