Wednesday, December 22, 2004

TV Guy'd

Let's talk about this season on the tube. I am sticking to the most regular viewing schedule I've had in about 4 years. Not since I was married to my first wife, without kids or a second job, have I watched this many shows regularly.

Monday: Monday Night Football and The Swan, which ended this week. I watch this with my wife, we love the cheap reality stuff. This season's winner was deserving, but before the pageant I wouldn't have handicapped her as the favorite. She ran away with it on pageant night, struttin' her sexy stuff confidently, with a cute smile to boot. Now that it's over, I don't know what I'm going to watch on Mondays. We'll see.

Tuesday: The Amazing Race. GREAT SHOW! Like I've said before, it's a great format even without all the drama and outrageous personalities they cast on there. It's fascinating to imagine what I'd be like on the show, because it's a situation I'd love to be in... world-wide travel. Last night's rocket shot bungee stunt, though, that's for my wife. Not going near that one. Good eye candy on the show, too, but I'd watch it without that. I checked out Veronica Mars last night and wasn't that impressed, but I can give it another shot. Been reading mucho good press.

Wednesday: L. O. S. T. 'nuff said. My wife and I also watch The Bachelor and Wife Swap . The latter's another one to imagine yourself in, but it's hard because they find such EXTREME people! Are these families real? I like the episodes when people actually do change and are pleasant to each other. The recalcitrant Neanderthals I can do without.

Thursday: Nothing that I want to watch. I should read on this night, but usually end up getting sucked into CSI or ER while my wife watches.

Friday and Saturday: Nuttin' in particular.

Sunday: Arrested Development. I LOVE this show. I checked out an episode last season and liked it, but it wasn't until I read about how no one's watching it did I decide to watch it religiously. Man, is it hilarious. I've never seen anything that can be both over the top and subtle at the same time. Oscar's "Maybe I could put it in her brownie" line knocked me over this week. The Buster jokes fall kind of flat, but Gob is genius, and how can anything with David Cross (except Scary Movie 3) be bad?

I've pretty much abandoned NBC, whom I used to revere. They have a new sitcom coming out in January called Committed that might be good. I'll give it a chance. I don't know why I don't watch Joey. I've seen it, but I'm just not that into him.

Of course, all this is just prelude to the Big One: 24! They've been showing a bunch of commercials for the new season, and they look intense, but I've only seen them on fast forward (watching a taped show). Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Then there's late night TV, which sometimes traps me. Comedy Central and E! primarily. The Daily Show, Chapelle's Show, South Park and Insomniac for laughs, Wild On... and Howard Stern for T&A.