Friday, December 17, 2004

The CBK household now has DSL, so life is pretty damn sweet. Last night I wasted a good 2.5 to 3 hours just looking at this site. I don't know much about the guys who run it, but they find some really funny/interesting/sick/disturbing things and post them there. I previously posted some movie clips from their collection, you may recall. Since I'm out of ideas to rant about, I'm going to share some of the funniest things I've found with you. I'll warn you all now that these clips are generally crude, and the last one is downright pornographic. Seriously, it's a porn clip, and one that's more graphic than I suspect many people are used to seeing (nothing sick or violent, though). You are taking your employment in your own hands when you view the last one. I cannot be held responsible for what your IT police do to you should they discover it on your system.

First, the look on this guy's face is priceless. He's really into his "job."

Second, this totally outdoes the "Along Came Polly" basketball gag. It's a riot.

Lastly, I think this is absolutely fucking hilarious! I think they're speaking German, which leads me to believe that it wasn't an accident, but a staged exhibition of their special brand of Euro kink.

I highly recommend the site for a fun waste of time. If you poke around the October archives, you'll find some video evidence of the Japanese Cult of Cum I wrote about earlier. Fascinating stuff!

In sports new, the Yanks are close to getting the Big Unit, and the Sox lost Tim Hudson. Oh well. It would be too hard to deal with having two teams be perennial championship favorites in New England.

Now, on a more self-conscious note, WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY? I know some people are visiting this site, if only for a couple of seconds, and I'm calling you out! Let's face it, people only blog to connect with other people. And by that I mean, seek approval/praise from other people. Commenting's there for a reason, folks! Leave me some feedback, negative or positive, to let me know you're out there and flushing almost as much time as I am down the toilet, and enjoying the experience. Don't make me go all short-fused, crazed liberal on you to get a response! I'd rather talk about sports and porn.

And my family! Our 4 year old is in a private school, and they just did their Christmas pageant. It was really cute, because they only used kids from second grade down to junior kindergarten. Our boy was a Wise Man. He was so cute, and did a great job. At the end, the founder of the school was all choked up because she's so happy that her school can do that program, while the rest of the nation goes to Hell in Red Sleigh because public schools aren't allowed to celebrate Christmas. You see, he goes to a non-denominational Christian school, so they don't have to heed the pagan edicts forbidding joy and holiday cheer. I don't think that public school should be a holiday-free zone, but I can see how doing the Birth of Christ story in a public school pushes the Constitutional envelope. That kind of thing should be done in Sunday School. But let kids decorate a tree, put up a menora, and show other timely paraphernalia.

Our son's little cousin, also 4, had a Christmas dance recital last night. She takes dance and tumbling lessons at a local dance academy, and the program they did last night was a "hip hop" routine. All the girls did really well, especially the cousin, and it's so cute to see them do all their steps in quasi-unison, but I must confess to feeling uneasy about seeing a bunch of 4 and 5 year-olds doing the moves they were doing. With hats pulled down to their eyes, arms hugged around their torsos, frontin' like gangstas, they hopped out and started doing Britney video moves to some remixed Christmas carol. That was just a bit iffy. Later they upped the ante with a 6 or 7 year-old recreating the audition scene from Flashdance (or so it looked to me), and then a 10 year-old came out in tight pink pants and the smallest sports bra Danskin makes. My jaw dropped. I'm all for getting the kids into physical activities, promoting fitness and balance, and fostering a talent, but they don't have to look like Beyoncé's extras when doing it! Jeesh!

iPod: "The Best Deceptions" by Dashboard Confessional. A bit lame, I know, but he plays a mean acoustic guitar.