Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fantastic Header!

Potential good news, True Believers! The NHL Players' Association is ready to make another proposal to the NHL owners that they feel should end the current lockout, as reported here: I guess that's good news. I don't really know how to feel about it. As I've said before, I'm a rabid hockey fan. But to tell the truth, I haven't really missed hockey this year. Football has more than filled the void. It's not like I got to watch a lot of games in the past. I don't live in an NHL market that would broadcast all the home team's games, and ESPN only shows so much. Even worse, ESPN shows my team, the Boston Bruins, pretty rarely. Add on that Boston let a number of significant free agents go over the off-season, with a lot more up in the air, the prospects of fielding a promising team are pretty slim. They've got a good base to work off, but their depth could take a major blow if the front office keeps up their trademark stinginess. We'll see. Fingers crossed, I guess.

So the spending frenzy continues! This time we're not shopping for others, no! It's all about US! New car, new freezer, new shed, DSL, one credit card gone! You'd think we won the lottery, if we didn't live in puritan Utah, that is! No, it's bonus time at work. My wife and I work for the same company, and they are very generous, even though we're both constantly worried about both our security at the company and the company's financial fortitude. We got more than I was expecting this year, and we are both getting raises in January. No matter how rosy the picture, though, I'm going to repeat the mantra "No X Box, No X Box, No X Box."

Do I need an X Box? Absolutely not! Do I want one? Kinda. Why? So I can play one game over the internet with my long lost law school friend in Washington DC. That's it. I have no desire to shoot 'em up in Halo 2. Don't care about shredding with Tony Hawk, or gettin' all gangsta with GTA, San Andreas. I have a 4 year old at home. An X Box would either a) keep me away from my family; b) deprive me of a whole lot of sleep; c) corrupt my child beyond repair; or d) all of the above. But the nostalgia of skipping class to play computer games with my friend is pretty strong. That was before either of us were romantically involved with the women who would become our over-bearing, controlling wives (now ex wife for me). It was the best of times! I remember one very dramatic soccer game (FIFA 98, the source of this post's title) where we were playing for the same team, not against each other. It was an international tournament. We were Wales, playing against the heavily favored Spaniards. The score was tied late in the game. With time ticking away, less than 10 seconds left, we pushed up field. One of us sent a cross from the corner, and the other headed it in to win the game just before time expired!!!!!!! It was very exhilarating!! I couldn't contain my excitement, and took a victory lap around the small studio apartment. It's one of my fondest law school memories. But can I resurrect that time with an X Box, playing with someone thousands of miles and two time zones away? Probably not. Must resist the temptation of nostalgia. It's very dangerous. That's why it takes me at least a day to clean an office. I have to read all of the papers to revisit the time when I acquired them. I'm a sentimental sap!

On the ipod: "Spangle" by Jimmy Eat World