Wednesday, November 24, 2004

First official post

Okay, so a lot has changed since I started this blog... yesterday! I thought that the title "Heartbreaks and Cheesesteaks" would be both a nice, silly name and at the same time reflect my love of the steak and cheese submarine sandwich. Surely there is not a more perfect food! Pizza comes close, but usually they're just too damn big to eat all of without feeling both shamed and stretched to the point of bursting (see Monty Python's Meaning of Life). Anyway, there are at least 2 other blogs on Blogspot that have cheesesteak in their names! No way I'm going to be part of some cheesesteak web-trend! I'm here to assert my individuality!

So I decided to retain the silliness and rhyme scheme, and go for something a little more obscure than cheesesteaks. Add in the fact that while in Calgary this week I stayed across the street from a restaurant called Saltlik, and you have my new title. I'm going to try it as a Google Whack. If you don't know what that is, google it. It's a fun waste of time that I wholly recommend.

I think I may also start the first SL&B tradition and say what's on my iPod while I'm posting. One of the members of one of my favorite bands does it on his blog, and it's pretty cool. Now playing: "West Haven" by Idlewild. Unfortunately the only mp3 I could find of this song is cut off in the middle. If anyone knows were I can get the whole song, let me know, please. And now it's over! Sigh. Now Geddy Lee's on. That doesn't make me look very cool! I'll just report one song per post, picking the hippest song played while typing.

If you want pictures, join the club! I'm posting at work and can't upload pics because of a proxy server, or some other network security reason. If and when I post at home, I'll do it then.

Now for the substance of today's post: TV. The Amazing Race is a good show! Sure there are the usual reality show train-wrecking attention whores, but the show isn't designed to exploit that. The concept and settings would still hook me with even-tempered mutes as the contestants, as long as they competed enough to try to win. The show still casts for physical titillation, but at least they don't put them on islands or near pools requiring bikinis and swim trunks. But I must say, the female cast this time 'round is pretty strong in the chest department. There's my first controversial statement! Glad that's out of the way. Readers beware, I like breasts. You've been warned.

Wednesdays, though, is my one TV must of the season: Lost. Too little space to talk about how much I love this show. Suffice to say that I can't miss it. Actually, tonight I think it's preempted by the Bachelor finale and post-rose analysis. I think Mary's getting the shaft again. She needs to find a man the old fashioned way. And some self-respect in the process. I'll watch (my wife and I still like the Lowest Common Denominator reality shows). Then it's on to sports all weekend! Woohoo! NFL on Turkey day and Sunday and alma mater in the NCAA Div 1AA football playoffs on ESPN2 on Saturday. I'm set. But have to make time for house cleaning, too. See! I'm not a total male chauvinist, football watching, breast-coveting pig! Have a great a holiday weekend!