Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Crazy Shopping Day!

My picture's finally up. Or at least the picture I'm going to use on this here blog. Since I won't be seeing this man's face in the news or at the NHL All Star Game, I'm putting it here. There's another Bruin I probably would have preferred to use, but since he's a free agent who has yet to sign with anybody, his picture's not available on the Boston Bruins website. I'm sure I'll change it as often as my excessive whim dictates.

So I ate to the point of pain yesterday, like every year. We had a wonderful meal at Grandma's house, with a bunch of family. My wife made the turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. They were all extremely delicious, because my wife is a fantastic cook! (Yes, she reads this. In fact, she's the only one who does right now.) The stuffing is my mom's recipe, and it makes me so happy and full of love that my wife has adopted it for our own Thanskgiving tradition. We've got lots left over, so I'm all set for a week!

This morning, my wife and I got up at the unholy hour of 5:30! Why you ask? Because that's when the stores open, silly! We HAD to go get the best deals on what I've named Crazy Shopping DayTM. We went to 6 stores before 9 am! And then we split up and went to 3 more before 10:30! And the things we really wanted, the things that we needed to get there early for, we missed out on, because hundreds of other insane shoppers got there before us. I could be watching the first season of 24 on DVD right now, having saved about $40 at Best Buy. But I'm not. We did get the TV we wanted, but for $50 more than the first place we tried (still a really good deal, though). All others things we needed we got, so it was a success. Now we're going to nap and forget that we left the house on a long-weekend day well before the sun rose. This out-of-control consumer culture has corrupted us almost beyond recognition. Any horror stories you'd like to share, feel free! We twice overheard a trampling story while out in the trenches. I think it was at a Walmart (where else)!