Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm actually getting excited!

About this! The NHL players union has made some major concessions, I think. The fact that they gave so much should appease the owners enough to get them away from the "salaries need to be directly related to revenues" rhetoric. The union is ahead in the PR game now. Hopefully the owners will counteroffer reasonably and the season will be saved! So much for my hockey apathy. I found out that the minor league team in my city actually sucks this year. So bring on the big boys! I'm actually excited about a shortened season, because the last time it happened in 1995, the teams had to play so frequently to cram in enough games that it was hockey mania every night! And the wins and losses mean a lot more. Finger crossed!

iPod: "Speed Trials" by Elliott Smith. His passing was very tragic and sad. I actually saw his last concert, but it was the first time I saw him play.