Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I. Love. Canadians!

That's right, I'm a Canuckophile. There are many, many reasons to explain this love affair I have with the neighbors up north, but the existence of this site is a prime one. I had seen news stories about immigration firms conducting naturalization seminars, and lots of Americans making inquiries to Immigration Canada, but this site goes so much further! These are concerned, caring Canadians reaching out to afflicted Americans in a dire time of need. They are on a par with UNICEF, in my book. Or, at least they were until I navigated the site. It's a bit of a dud, but must have been pretty happenin' right after the election. I learned of it from this site, a very funny blog also from Canada. Check her out, but don't snoop and try to read all of her 5 or 6 blogs, or she might get suspicious (just kidding, Sarcastrix).

If you want more evidence of Canadian virtue, check out this guy. I've read a bunch about him, but his site seems to be down. Pretty damn entertaining! Then there's The Kids in the Hall, Colin Mochrie, hockey (of course) and poutine. How can you NOT love Canada! I've been traveling to Canada pretty regularly for the past three years, mostly Calgary, but several trips to Toronto and some smaller areas, and it's just a nice country with nice citizens, cool cities and beautiful landscapes. The cold can be dealt with. And it has a lot of hot women! I kid you not.

Cyber irony: Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize the word "blog."