Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My Spam

Like all other people, I get a lot of spam. There are noticeable trends in spam. Canadian and erectile dysfunction medications have been popular for a while. Lately, Rolexes and other watch offers have been flooding in, along with approved mortgage applications I never filled out. Cheating wives is an emerging trend. Those are just to my work email. Like any guy who travels for work and surfs internet porn on the road, I get much more raunchy spam on my internet based account. The spelling tricks these spammers use to get around spam blockers are hilarious. These things are nothing new to you, I'm sure, but today I got one from a celebrity! Yes, that's right, Tia Carrere of Wayne's World and Rising Sun fame sent me porn spam! I thought her career was drooping a bit, but it can't be so bad that she's moonlighting from her illustrious syndicated series/cartoon voice-over gigs by flooding inboxes with hot slut action. The subject line of today's email: "good k0k sliding." She needs to practice her openers. That didn't make me want to open it AT ALL!

iPod: "Floaty" by Foo Fighters.