Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Disaster movie come to life

So, there's not much cheer in the air lately, with Christmas over, no plans for New years Eve, and the horrible tsunami news. OMG, it's so hard to imagine a football stadium's worth of people just dying suddenly from one event. And most of the articles I've read talk more about the Western or famous tourists caught in the wave than they do about the thousands and thousands of natives of the countries who were killed, and will continue to die as disease spreads and essential services remain non-functional. I've never been close to a big disaster. Even on 9/11, when I found out my then-wife's good friend from college was supposed to be at work in the Towers that day but got up late and decided to take his time going in, I was so removed from it all, both personally and geographically. I understood the seriousness and magnitude of the tragedy, but it was hard for me to feel much besides a sad awe. And that's what I feel now. So many people swept away in a moment with no warning, on such a grand scale. I should find a way to contribute to the relief effort, but I would want to find out what was needed, and who has the means of providing that relief rather than just rush out and give money or blankets to someone. I remember how after 9/11 so many people went to give blood, but they didn't need it because there were so few injured survivors. Sure, it was good for blood banks in general, but it was probably a hasty, though altruistic, action on the part of the donors. I'll think about what I can do, but in the mean time, I'm done with the depressing post of the day.

iPod: "Under African Skies" by Paul Simon.