Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh joy! Back to Work!

I was going to call this post "Back to Life, Back to Reality", the 80s song by Soul II Soul (and apparently covered by George Michael at some point). But when looking up the artist of the song (because I had forgotten) I found out that many, many blogs have used that phrase, so I ditched it.

It sucks coming back to work after the holidays after not having any work at all to do for three weeks! At least my boss understands that from December 15 through January 1 there's nothing to do because the rest of the world is being lazy, too. But now I have to come up with work to do, especially since I got a raise and the boss told me I need to "step up" this year. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but right now some things need to happen first for me to have the "step up" opportunity. I know, I'm just making excuses and Trump would fire me in a second. I'm not a very good fit in the business world. Must. Self. Start!

I liked posting about my spam before, so here are some interesting subject lines from my plethora of spam I got over the last three days (I'm typing them exactly as they appear in my inbox):

-"Lots Of Chicks Wit Dicks mo" from gabi [Enjoy, Mo!]
-"Has your cum ever dribbled and you wish it had shot out?" from Holly Christopher [None of your DAMN business, Holly!]
-"Fw: Hrony Mmomy wants a date" from Lectures G. Ashes [Is that "H" silent?]
-"RE: Pertty Mother ready to cheat" from Potato C. Infer [On her kids? It's not logically necessary that a mother is married.]
-"Re: Wet Prsotitute wants to date you" from Credibly T. Expunge [These aren't real replies! I would never correspond with people who had such bad spelling. I get these weird names a lot, a random word, middle initial and other random word. Must be a bot generating these.]
-"Modern route for dim" from Sanders Ewleotsr [??? Sounds kind of deep.]

I actually get more prescription drug and stock tip spam than porn, but the porn is funnier.

iPod: "Glory" by Liz Phair